Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.


STAFF RETREAT ! 2016-06-11 12:05:03

May 30th of this year, it was decided to have an in- house presentation, drawing from the experience and expertise of different teachers. Ms. Evelyn and Mrs. Epsi spoke about change adjusting and adapting to it, and the need for change. Mr. Ronald spoke about adolescence and challenges of dealing with the present generation of teenagers. Mr. Sunil Mark shared his views about the role of money and the need to budget expenses. Mr. Binu spoke about Team Work- Synergy and the need to work as one and not for self promotions. Mrs. Nancy Biju talked about the need for prepaid proper reports as and when a function was co-ordinated. The Principal Mr. Glenn Croning briefed the Staff on each topic and summed up the presentations. LCD presentations and individual files with notes made it meaningful and interesting.