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Timeless Teaching in a Changing World

Good teaching stands the test of time.

Like a classic novel, great piece of music, or beautiful painting, the principles of effective teaching don't really change. Maybe the names of these methods change, maybe new buzz words are used to describe them, but the essence of these concepts remain untouched.

We at Stanes value our teachers as our greatest asset. There is no correlation between performance and the board a student studies. However there is a strong correlation between the School studied and the performance of the Child. The  greatest influencer of this correlation is the teacher. 

We at Stanes ensure that the children stay upto date with the latest. We also strongly believe that the latest is always not the greatest. 

We strongly believe in all round development of the child i.e. Intellectual,  Physical, Emotional and Moral.  All our activities are geared towards this.

We follow the State Board Syllabus and offer French as a second language at the higher secondary level.

Marks are not the only goal of our process we believe that it is a by product of our process.

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