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Endline Quiz : Complete by 3rd Nov 2021

⭐ Dear Digital Champions, ⭐


That's right, we said "Digital Champions" because that's who you are now! 


🎖🏆 Congratulations on completing the program! 🏆🎖


Over the past 8 weeks, you have learnt a lot and grown into thoughtful and aware digital citizens. Each of you is well-versed on the intricacies of online privacy and security 🔐, and knows what to do in the event of online harassment 📢. Not only are you all aware of your responsibilities and rights as digital citizens 🤳🏽, but all of you have also explored several ways in which you can use the internet for good!


The internet community has grown a little kinder 🌻, a little wiser🦉, more supportive 🤝 and a whole lot more conscious 🧠 with each of you being a part of it 🌐. 


You have one final task to check off! Fill the Endline Quiz to enter your name into our lucky draw for the Tablet winners. You can complete the quiz by clicking on this link


Only those folks who finish this Quiz, along with the rest of the curriculum, will be eligible for the lucky draw.  After completing the Endline quiz, you will soon receive your program certificates from your teacher as a symbol of this achievement🏅.


We hope that you will take your learnings with you and share them with your friends and family 🪢. With all that you have learnt, you have set a strong foundation for digital citizenship within yourselves. We wish you the very best as you continue to evolve, and use your awareness and your voice in responsible 🕊 and powerful ways⚡!

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