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Dear Parent/ Student,

We at Stanes School Coonoor are delighted to share that we have partnered with Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) for the YLAC Digital Champions Program 2021!


Founded by Harvard and Oxford alumni, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) aims to increase the participation of young people in the democratic process and build their capacity to lead change. The YLAC Digital Champions program will equip you with the right tools to keep you safe and secure online, learn more about privacy, your digital rights and how you can use the internet for your personal growth and development.


The YLAC Digital Champions program is designed as a self-learning course and will cover the following topics:

  1. Digital Safety - Security and privacy online

  2. Digital Wellbeing - Safety and resilience on social media and other online platforms

  3. Digital Information Ecosystem - Becoming conscious consumers of information online 

  4. Digital Agency - Using the internet for personal growth and development


Links to Section-Wise Learning Material

The program is planned to be conducted from 16th August to 10th October 2021. You would need to spend about 1 hour per week to be able to learn and absorb the content, and take the quizzes for each week.

The weekly material and quizzes will be posted here on this page every Monday under Links to Section-Wise Learning Material

For successful completion of the program, you will need to go over all the learning material as per timelines. Upon this, you will receive a certificate from YLAC. All the students who complete the program will also be eligible for a lottery and two students will win a tablet!

We urge you to participate in this program wholeheartedly, go through the program material as per the given timelines and commit to learning as much as possible from this experience.

We have some exciting learning content prepared for you in the form of videos, quizzes and real-life examples that will be shared with you starting next week! In the meantime, do check out this introductory video that captures the essence of the YLAC Digital Champions Program.

We can't wait to get started with you on your journey towards becoming Digital Champions!

All the best!

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